Annual Events


Ag Day

Ag Day is dedicated to the children of our community. Our hope is to demonstrate the many aspects of the industry and impress on the children the importance of agriculture for their lives.

Ag Day is meant to touch the children's hearts and show them where many of their articles of clothing, food and shelter come from. These items are produced from our land (renewable resources). We want to plant a seed of encouragement, water it with knowledge, and shed light on the many diverse areas of agriculture.

We realize the importance of teaching the younger generation about agriculture and this event gives us the opportunity to present many different lessons in their own environment. Each demonstration site will teach a facet of agriculture or relative thereof.


Sierra County Fair

The Sierra County Fair will be held October 6-9 at the county fairgrounds The county fair is a community event and free for all to attend. Along with the livestock shows, there will be food and sales vendors set up throughout the weekend. There will also be indoor exhibits and school projects on display. Check out the 2016 Sierra County fair book for more details on events and contest rules:

4-H Turkey Shoot Fundraiser

Image of 2016 Turkey Shoot Flier

Pie Plates

4-H members will be pre-selling chances to win a turkey, prior to the Shooting Event. Chances will be sold for $1.00 each and odds of winning will be one out of every 14 chances sold.

Winners will be selected at the event on Saturday, November 19th. Don't miss your chance to win a Thanksgiving Turkey!

Pesticide Applicators Workshop

Image of Pesticide Applicator Workshop Brochure